Asexual women exist, am sure, but I have never met one.

There’s this persistent myth that women do not value or enjoy sex as much as men.

If you’ve ever had sex with a woman, as a guy, you will quickly come to conclusion that the pleasure seems to be heavily stacked on the woman’s side. If done even half right, a woman becomes this quivering blob of sweaty hedonia. What a guy would need several grams of disco shit cocaine for, to even remotely feel that out of this world.

Here are some tips:

  • Women find nothing more arousing than to feel desired by a guy they fancy. By desired we do mean being like a lion who has not eaten in two weeks and bumbs into a deer in the prime of her life.
  • Take things slow, very slow, unbelievably slow at first, and really smash into her later
  • Be very aware of the fact that about 70 percent of women, if not more, cannot achieve orgasm purely from penetration alone, no matter how big or agile your junk is
  • Do not just do the old in and out during penetration, make turning movements with your hips, stir like you are stirring a hot dish
  • When you go down on her, as in, when you lick her vagina, insert one or two fingers. Make a ‘come here’ movement with your finger, this is the best chance you have at stimulating her G-spot. The flesh around the G-spot feels strangely rough, it is not smooth. It is like a ribbed condom or a rough sponge. Look for that area and stimulate it. Make sure you have trimmed nails and clean fingers. You are not leaving the nicest calling card by bestowing some urinary tract infection on her. Those hurt like hell and women get them easily. Try to wash your hands before you stimulate her
  • I know this is a rotten challenge in these #metoo times, but women do NOT like to be asked for permission. I know, this is confusing, this is paradoxical even, but do not ask them for permission, certainly not too often… If you want to take her doggy style, just flip her over, gently push against her thigh in the direction you want her to go. She will move, do not worry. By the way, if she should not want you to do something, she will simply tell you at this point, do not worry. If she does say no at this point, you have to respect that and stop immediately, whatever you are doing
  • Build up slowly. Do not start licking vigorously licking her on her clit. Lick the area around it, suck her labia, slip your tongue in ( it will taste a little like lemons, but in a good way).
  • Touch her EVERYWHERE, touch her like you can not get enough from her
  • Keep telling her how beautiful she is, and be specific, be specific about her body parts and how hot they are. There was never a woman so stunning that she did not come with a shitload of complexes. If she is feeling worried about her looks, if she is doubting that she might not be attractive enough, she will show restraint, and less initiative, let her know how hot she is to loosen her up, it will free her. Our culture has put so many psychological restraints on women, mainly because a lot of men actually fear the unbridled expression of a woman’s sexuality. Let her know everything is ok and that everything is allowed by praising her hot body.
  • Do not be a little boy who is trying to get mummy’s attention. That means: do not perform any moves with the goal of getting her to compliment you. This just puts a burden on her and takes her out of the moment. In short: do not seek approval. Just fuck her right.
  • Ram her. Not at first, but eventually, you are warmly invited to pound her. As long as you do not degrade her in the process, she will love it.
  • Quite a few women like dirty talk, but do not call her something like a dirty little whore the first moment you are inside her… Dirty talk works better when she feels really comfortable around you. Lots of women like dirty talk, but some are restrained in this, at least initially.
  • You can pull her hair, but the point is not to practically break her neck in the process. Hold her hair tight, but do not pull it like you are trying to scalp her…
  • Sure, smack that ass, but learn to restrain yourself. The point is to avoid flaying her…
  • Note that some women will punch you if you pull their hair or slap their ass, every woman is different, it is up to you to find out what she likes
  • Do not believe the porn hype, most women are NOT waiting for you to spray your cum all over her face. It actually burns bitchingly when some of your swimmers end up in her eye.
  • Most women find it highly arousing if you ejaculate inside them. And they also find it a major turn on to see your face while you are shooting your load inside their vagina.
  • Anal sex: do some prudent reconoitering. If she is ok with the head of your penis rubbing against her anus for a longer period of time, she might be ok with anal sex. In any case: use lots of lube, especially if she is not used to this form of penetration. Stimulate her clit with your fingers during anal sex!!! Women do not have a prostrate which makes anal sex so much fun for men on the receiving end.
  • After you cum, do not roll off her and fall asleep or get up and go and tinker with the car in the garage. This could be the most intimate moment for her, lying on your chest basking in post-orgastic chill.
  • Your best chance at making her come through penis Arbeit alone, is by carrying her in your arms, while you are standing and she rides you, while you support her with your hands underneath her ass
  • VARIATION. Lots of women like missionary position, but try at least four of five other positions
  • You should be able to penetrate her for at least two to three hours. The average run through of sex lasts about 5 minutes, but that is a joke. Train yourself to last, way, way longer.
  • Slow is good, but after a while fuck her like you are a turbojet. Fucking fast and making turning movements can make up for a smaller penis. Although you will always lose the visual appeal of a huge penis, technically there are things you can do to compensate
  • Most women are not so called ‘size queens’, so do not worry too much about the size of your dick. Focus a thousand times more about what you are doing with your hands and tongue.
  • Yes, some women feel dissapointed by the look of any penis shorter than 7 inches… Prove her wrong and fuck her so hard she won’t know what hit her. Women’s idea of your dick size grows or shrinks with their emotional connection to you. If you are a bad ex your dick size suddenly shrinks in her head… Anyway, as mentioned before focus more on your hands or tongue, even if you are hung like a giant Viking.
  • Push her boundaries. I swear, if she is so comfortable that she is having sex with you she will tell you if you are doing something she doesn’t want or will at the very least give you clear signs
  • Penetration may get painful at some point. If she stops making sounds, that is your clue…
  • Just because your dick is flacid it does not mean you should stop, keep stroking her, lick her vagina again, don’t stop till she tells you she’s really had enough
  • Be fun and experimental, find out what she likes, every woman is truly unique. Do NOT rely on the techniques that worked for your ex, explore. Some women come when you stimulate their clit with a lot of pressure directly on it. Some wince in pain when you stimulate their clit too directly and prefer to have your tongue go up and down in the area between their clit and their entrance. Try and see how she reacts, you will be able to tell from her reactions. Contrary to popular belief women are not impossible to read.
  • Oh, take a loooooooong time before ripping off her clothes. Stroke her for a long time with her clothes still on. Do it till she can’t restrain herself anymore and starts dryhumping you.
  • If she does not lose her mind and start doing crazy, surprising shit, you are doing it wrong
  • After good sex women become very extravert, like a huge burden has just fallen from their shoulders. It’s like crashing through a wall and discovering a lush, blossoming oasis.
  • And it is all in her head, if you can make her want you, if she feels your desire during sex, she will be a gushing fountain.

It’s the best.

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