On Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve on some days after all kinds of cake were eaten by my family. Not by me. Heavy Belgian beer was drunk. Not by me.

On Saturday I went to the cinema to see Avatar. My company likes to enjoy life without counting calories and without thinking too much about potential health issues. Cigarettes were smoked. Not by me. Cheesecake was eaten. Not by me. Potato chips were eaten. Not by me. Beer was drunk. Not by me.

I have been out of shape and I have been in shape. I know which of the two feels better. Giving up small short term pleasures is almost automatic when you know what you are gaining instead. Not extra pounds, but being able to look in the mirror without hating yourself for being weak, undisciplined and unorganized (I say unorganized, because with so many unhealthy options available to us making healthy choices takes planning).

Written while cooking.