Because of something that happened a few weeks back I link so much pain to crap food that I don’t have strong cravings. I had a strong mindset when it came to my physique when I was younger, but this determination is off the charts. I will explain why some other time.

To avoid hunger pangs I eat one tea spoon of peanut butter. It’s not easy to swallow it like that, so I wash it down with warm coffee. It goes down easy then. I won’t feel hungry for hours after.

Peanut butter works best, but it also works with a few olives or half an avocado or a boiled egg.

The most filling is grilled chicken breast with a mountain of vegetables. No pasta or potatoes or anything like that.

Here in Slovakia it’s a challenge to round up decent peanut butter. May look for a way to order the best one online. It’s the brand Calvé.

The one pictured here is overpriced – as is everything in the land of Sloppyakia – and has a very unappetizing texture. Tastes alright though. Nothing special. Does the trick.


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