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Aloha! Welcome to my mental health blog, a kind place for all who seek to do some good in this world! Sit back and relax. You will find posts about books, movies, series, documentaries, psychotherapy, language learning, parenting, short stories, novels, relationships & little bits about my expat life as a teacher & coach in Bratislava, Slovakia. May you feel at home here. Be in touch. Much love, William

Coaching for entrepreneurs with families

What I promise is simple:

  • I will help you grow your business AND help you create the best work/life balance
  • Even one session is enough to give you a different perspective
  • You will be listened to like never before
  • You will get objective, honest feedback
  • I don’t plan to see you more than three times. I intend to help you, not to keep you coming over for more
  • You will leave with a better understanding of your situation than when you entered
  • Coaching is possible in English, Slovak, German, French, Russian and Dutch
  • You can come over within three weeks after contacting me, so you don’t have to wait long. I will find the time for you.

One session costs 80 euro.

If you’re interested just fill in the form below.

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