What are they like?

  • They tend to be better educated than their Slovak sisters
  • They tend to be a bit less physically attractive and less feminine than Slovak women
  • They are quite easy to talk to, they are easy-going, relaxed
  • They like to dress well, but they are less into their looks like in some other Eastern European countries
  • Lots of them earn an ok salary that lets them at least survive on their own, so they are less prone to see a guy as their rescuer than in Slovakia
  • They are quite traditional, but being close to the west of Europe they are more liberal than in other Slavic countries
  • They are usually reliable and make good wives
  • They often know English quite well
  • They are often down to earth
  • They are fairly independent, but they often remain in very close touch with their family
  • Religion is a less important aspect of their lives than in devoutly Catholic countries like Poland or Slovakia
  • They are more open and more used to foreigners than Slovaks
  • Eastern Europeans tend to be a bit racist, although not too openly, this means that if you’re from the west and white they look up to you, but if you’re from anywhere else they tend to have more negative stereotypes and less positive ones. They especially like men from Germany, the US, France, England, perhaps Italy…
  • They are often willing to resettle in a different country, on the condition that they can stay in touch with their family
  • They tend to look for ‘normal’, sensible, reliable guys and they do not expect anything special. Standing out could be a downside even, women in the Czech Republic and Slovakia want life to be predictable and to follow certain patterns that they will not like to deviate from
  • In general they are friendly, just don’t expect much originality, they tend to have very similar values and family oriented goals

11 tips on how to date them

  1. Don’t try to impress them. First of all, they are definitely more attracted to confident body language, confident voice tonality than the actual words coming from your mouth.
  2. They do not expect you to be rich, so talking about money won’t do much for them. As long as you have steady income and you seem satisfied with what you do, they are happy. They won’t be very interested in your career anyway, you just have to have one.
  3. Don’t give them gifts until after you’ve had sex with them. If you try to hard they will lose interest.
  4. You have to lead or at least appear to be leading. Select the restaurant, suggest locations and activities for dates. She may change the plans afterwards, but the important thing is that you initiate, that you show you know what to do. If you say ‘let’s go to the park’ and she says ‘I’d rather go there’, then ok, go there, but be quick to invite her to things. Show initiative. And never be pushy or try to logically convince her to go out with you. A calm, determined, unfazed attitude works best with these women.
  5. Don’t talk about sex, never ever suggest to become ‘friends with benefits’, never ask for sex and never even hint that you’re only after a one night stand.
  6. Keep the conversation light, don’t dig too deep. Less is more with these women. Just be normal, let her talk, and start touching her and kissing her quite soon. Don’t overcomplicate things. If she gives you three or four signs that she likes you, little things like touching your arm, play kicking you, saying something suggestive, kiss her. The longer you wait the less chances you have, because like women all over the world she thinks that love and chemistry magically happen and when nothing happens really fast, like within 8 hours of interacting with her, she will quickly conclude that there is no chemistry between you.
  7. Dress normally, the more you try to impress her, the less attracted she will be.
  8. Be polite and respectful to people you meet, as she will definitely judge you based on how you treat others. She will know that what you tell her is you trying to get somewhere with her, so she naturally pays attention how you treat others, because that’s more the authentic you than the guy you are showing her. She’s definitely not stupid in these things and can smell incongruence in what you are saying from ten miles away.
  9. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Do not take her out to some fancy restaurant where you can’t even touch her. Go for a walk. Walk through a museum. Take her to different places. Do ordinary stuff. Go shopping for groceries together, it will give her the idea that you are already a couple. Just keep it simple, but be fun and talkative and don’t say anything that shows you are trying to be special.
  10. Be playful, be a little goofy, don’t take yourself too seriously, and again, touch her a lot, but lightly, like you can brush her arm or knee with your hand, but don’t leave your hand there. Hit and run tactics when it comes to touch, especially initially, until she is comfortable with you.
  11. She’s likely to be quite smart, so respect that, but avoid intellectual discussion and especially avoid sad stories. Don’t talk about how Saudi-Arabia is bombing Yemen with the support of the UK and the US. Keep it fun and casual. Break her boring every day routine.

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