Our main sexual organ is between our ears.

Ingredients for hot sexting:

  • make it as personal as possible, create a scene that can only happen exactly like that between the two of you, make it as intimate as possible
  • details, details, details
  • build up, don’t go for the finale right away, make it into a story
  • choose sultry settings that speak to the imagination
  • mix personal details, moods, preferences, through it
  • of course: don’t be shy. Take risks. If you are describing things that the other will not enjoy, he or she will tell you.
  • if you’re a guy and she is not wet no matter how far apart the two of you are, well, then you’re just not doing it right
  • timing is essential. If she is having a very rough, emotional day at work, help her with that first, be there for her. Sexting should probably be part of every day, but not every moment and not in every situation.



‘I am waiting at IKEA for my friend to check out furniture. I am sitting on a low coffee table. There are so much better ways to use this coffee table.’

‘I could kneel in front of it with your legs resting on my back and lick you with two fingers going in and out of you. after your first orgasm I will thrust my tongue deep into you, and taste you from the inside, and one finger will run circles around your butt. Then I will stand up and throw your divine legs across my shoulders and pound you so hard, at an angle that allows maximum depth that you will put your hands on my hips to try and control the speed. Before I come I will pull out and you will sit up, jerk me off vigorously and I will ejaculate all over your breasts, then I will lick it off and pass it on to you in a passionate kiss.’

‘God, that’s delicious! I am dripping wet down there. How do you expect me to act normal around my friend now? We’re going to a restaurant. I wish you could be under the table, licking me, while I slip my foot into your pants and gently rub your balls with my toes. I run my fingers through my pepper sauce, and hold my hand under the table for you to suck it off. I get so hot from that we rush outside and you fuck me from behind against a tree. Lifting my skirt and spanking my bottom, so hard I forget how chilly it is tonight. When I have cum, I want you to shoot my mouth full.’


‘I want to feel, touch, smell, taste, fuck, squeeze, hold, roll around with you, until we re both numb and half bruised and the whole room will smell of two people tearing into each other for days, so when people walk into it they will just feel it, the room crying out for more.’

‘I am shocked by my own words, but tomorrow I have a job interview and tonight I want you to come on me and I wll rub your sperm all over my neck for good luck.’

‘You will slip your fingers into your addictive pussy and you will put your fingers in my mouth while I start fucking you from the side, lying next to each other like spoons. My hand cupping your breast.’

‘God, yes, I want to finger myself, then ride your cock real hard, while you are sucking on my fingers. Damn, I need to focus on preparing for my job interview, but am so aroused I can’t. You have created a fountain down there. I am so horny it hurts, but I love it.’


‘Am imagining being between your endless legs, your tasty juices flowing into my mouth, teasing you for a long time, licking every part, but never long enough to actually let you come, until you cramp up so much I lick you hard enough to let you climax, then I put one hand round your throat to steady you and fuck you, first slow, and then so hard we will both feel it for two days.’

‘Every tingles down there. I also had this idea that you have a candle. You squeeze out little drops of wax from it. On my butt, my back, even my face, neck, breasts causing me a bit of pain. You can also gently use a riding whip and hit the insides of my thighs in 69 position while you drive your cock down my mouth. I am shaking all over just writing this.’

‘I will tie you up, with a long scarf, your wrists and your ankles, and do this, with the candle, until you are trembling all over. Then I will fall on top of you and just ram it inside you, so you gasp for air.’

‘And please come all over me, to warm me up with your hot semen. I want to be covered in you, everywhere.’


‘I am in a comfortable chair. My long legs draped over the sides. You are licking me. With long, hard strokes. I push my pussy against your mouth. I come so hard, you have to use all your strength to keep my legs into place, so I won’t hurt you when I climax uncontrollably.

‘Then I turn you around and make you kneel on the chair. I tell you have to push yourself into my dick and slide it in and out again, in and out again. I do nothing and just look at your ass, and I pull your butt cheeks apart and rub my thumb over your anus.’

‘God. If I wouldn’t be at work now… I need your dick in me. Now. I want to be filled by you. I want you to use me as your perfect sex toy, I want to feel like I got hit by an avalanche. I don’t care if it hurts. Do what you want me with me.’

‘Can I blindfold you and do you swear I can absolutely anything I want with you? Cause that might be dangerous.’

‘I don’t care. I know what you want. Just do it. Don’t for a second think what I want, just crash into me with any desire you have.’

‘We’re going to need steel handcuffs.’

‘Yes, please.’


‘I am sucking your cock so slowly and pushing you to delirium from seeing my plump lips clenching your dick. When you finally are about to come I lift up my skirt and impale myself on your cock and I immediately feel how it’s quivering inside me, I feel how you are shooting me full. You are so numb you can’t talk and need to catch your breath for 20 minutes, during which I slide my pussy back and forth over your now limp dick till it’s hard again and ready to go off once more.’

‘I want to lick you all night long until you are completely satisfied, at least for a little while’

‘I think that would be pure paradise.’


‘I like the sounds you make, and your wild kissing, and I want to finger you more from behind and pull you close and kiss your neck, and then when you don t expect it anymore, enter you.’

‘That’s criminally arousing. I love how you throw me around and how I become like jelly under your hands. I love how you want me and crave me, when you sink into me, out of control. I love how I can make you lose control. I want to gently stroke your belly, balls and thighs, until you beg me to suck it. Then I want you to sit, and I want to ride you with my back facing you, so you can easily have one hand on my clit and the other squashing my breasts. I love how you stare at my breasts. It makes me instantly wet.’

‘Your breasts are like the ones from Playboy magazine covers. Only even better.’

‘Not to be immodest, but I agree. I love how hard my nipples instantly are when you just open the top button of my blouse . I love how my nipples and pussy are totally sore from everything you do to me.’


‘Since you are my all powerful Goddess I imagined that would tie up my balls with a long chord, very tight, and you pull this chord while am licking you, so that you squeeze the sperm out my right when you are climaxing from licking you, and you say you are the only one who has finally mastered my libido.’

‘Oooh, now there’s an idea. We have to do that ASAP.’

‘I would also like it if one night you would order me to do anything you want, anything at all, for as long as you want, like I am the mortal human you found to serve you, the Goddess, as a reward for blessing me with good luck. I have to pay my debt to you by giving you total sexual pleasure.’

‘Damn… I will force you to shoot me full so many times your balls will hurt for days…’

‘Anything you want.’

‘Ok, we’re going to need a very luxurious hotel room, with very thick walls.’

‘Consider it done.’

‘And scratch the thick walls. Let the neighbours have their fun too. Just make it very luxurious, with a giant bed and giant bath tub. I want to soak in bath salts while you are fucking me so hard, I can’t tell the difference between pain or pleasure anymore. I wanna know how many loads are in you.’


‘I want to sink into a bath tub full of golden colored white wine and then I will stand and you will lick it all of me, then repeat it, for every sip I take of a glass of champagne, you need to repeat it. If you miss a spot, I go dip myself into the wine again and you have to repeat it. WhenI feel satisfied, I will wash your hard penis with the wine, and take it all into my mouth while I am fingering you from behind, from time to time stopping to lick your fingers. If you dare to ejaculate in my mouth, I swear I will chain you to the steel towel rack and fuck you with a strap on, so I’d best be very careful.’

‘I am going out to order 24 bottles of Chablis.’

‘Good boy. My husband will go mountain climbing this weekend. He’s leaving round 7 tonight. So be ready to climb me. I want you to come over with the wine and dressed in a three piece tuxedo. Do that and you won’t regret it.’

‘Whenever you are wet, there is no space for regret.’

‘I want your dick hard the moment you walk through my door. Anything less is an insult.’

‘Put a grape that was in your pussy in a small box in the entrance hall downstairs. I will knock on your door sucking on it.’

‘You’ve just won yourself an orgasm in doggy style. In any hole you choose.’


Obscene. War is obscene. Poverty is obscene. Textile factories in Bangladesh are obscene. Billionaires flying private jets while millions of children go to bed hungry are obscene. Trump’s Twitter feed is obscene. This is not. This is raw Life.

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