Trump fans are not about right or wrong, they are all

about power. How that power is used is of no consequence.

Anything seen as weakness is ‘bad’ to them, such as a health problem, and any act showing power is ‘good’, even if it’s morally wrong.

Trump fans want to feel powerful through their cult leader. Pointing to anything he does wrong has no effect on their view of him as long as he can be seen as powerful.

These people have been deeply humiliated in childhood, in life, in their careers, in their ego, they are victims of a system and don’t know it, don’t want to know it because then they would have to face how hurt they are.

As long as Trump can look powerful they will adore him and they will finally feel a tiny bit of power themselves.

To try and take Trump away from them is impossible.

Trump is absolutely right that he could shoot someone and would lose no fans.

They would cheer him on.