I forgot who said it, but the quote goes: ‘The only thing cocaine makes me wanna do is more cocaine.’

Sugar has the same effect on me. Am more disciplined now, but I know that when I eat something sweet I know I will crave more.

When I do not eat anything laced with sugar I do not crave sugar.

So when do I slip up?

When people around me are eating crap food am a little bit tempted to join in.

When I drink alcohol it gets tougher to make healthy choices and to be consistent.

When I don’t have anything else in the house and am too lazy to go the shop.

I tend not to crave sugar other than in those three situations. In the third situation I don’t even crave it, am just thinking: how convenient would it be if I could just eat these cookies and not have to go out to the supermarket and buy something healthy?

Other than that cutting out sugar is hard at first, but not too hard to maintain.

After about one or two sugarless weeks the cravings go away.

Non-sugary food becomes tastier.

Your energy levels don’t fluctuate so much. None of the dreaded sugar crush.

You will lose weight, especially if you limit other carb intake as well.

I used to eat an entire loaf of bread a day. I LOVED bread. People were amazed I could go through an entire loaf a day. Even as a kid I could eat an entire loaf of bread.

I don’t like the bread they have in most Slovak supermarkets (and am too lazy to go to a bakery here), so that helps to abstain from it.

A lot of spreads contain a lot of spread, so by cutting out bread you cut out those unhealthy spread as well.

Your mind will feel clearer. You will have more energy.

You won’t be thinking about where to get your next fix from all the time.

Sugar has lots of detrimental effects on your health, so you are protecting your health in the long run.

You are protecting your skin, cause sugar intake messes up your collagen.

I have also noticed sugar cause depressed feelings the next day or later in the day. You can then build the habit of stuffing yourself with more sugar to combat those feelings. You quickly build an addiction that way.

I know see a piece of cheesecake and my mind goes: that’s not fuel. That stuff is going to fuck me up for 5 minutes of pleasure, no thanks.

You need a clear cut strategy if you wish to cut out strategy.

I can now have sugary stuff lying around in my cupboard and I don’t notice it’s there, but initially I noticed that when I knew it was there, I was bound to eat it.

So if you are just starting, make sure you have none of the white poison in your home and don’t buy any.

When the cravings inevitably kick in you may be too lazy to go out and buy some of that sweet smack.

Also important is to eliminate sources of major stress. Often people turn to sugar to soothe themselves. There are other things you can do to soothe yourself when you are feeling anxious or stressed (feel free to ask me about those).

You will also need to come up with food you can eat on a daily basis that is healthy, is truly sugarless (lots of products contain sugar, even things you wouldn’t expect to…) and is so tasty you feel fulfilled.

Even after one month you will start noticing so many benefits you will not want to go back.

Much love,



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