There are at the moment 7 million more women than men in Russia.

This is quite unusual. Although the human species sees slightly more boys being born  than girls generally there will be a bit more women than men in society. That is because men live much more stressful lives, tend to have unhealthy habits (possibly to cope with stress), have riskier jobs, and when they do not manage to build a family and/or a fulfilling job they often let themselves go and stop taking care of themselves.

This is the natural course of events unless a culture decides to kill its female babies or abort them before them even come out of the womb. There are villages in India where you can’t find any girls anymore.

Russia is a special case since it’s a brutal dog eat dog society. After the fall of communism all security, all safety nets have been wiped out. Also family structures have suffered greatly. You are either a top dog or a loser in Russia. Especially men suffer. They succomb to depression and alcoholism. Risky macho behavior. They are at risk when they are drafted in the army, because army life in Russia is harsh and the ones drafted are the ones who are already vulnerable. There are many factors that make sure a Russian male will suffer.

Since women outnumber men and since only about 15 percent of men in any human society anywhere in the world are what you would call ‘a good catch’ for a woman there are not many men to pick from.

(The well-known media horny drug addicted psychologist Jordan Peterson often quotes this figure and when he is not bullshitting people about economics and politics he can be right about certain things).

Competition between women is exceptionally fierce.

Some Russian young women even get loans just to be able to afford a sexy pair of boots. This is unheard of in the west.

What’s worse, even when they do land a rare bankable man they have to count on being replaced by a younger, hotter version. Loaded Russian men consider girls above 21 to be kinda old already. Too much mileage. They prefer them younger. Plus, these rare rich men tend to keep one woman for breeding and social standing and mistresses for sex and excitement.

So as a young woman you have to try and be exceptionally attractive to catch your big one.

If you want what Russian women consider to be an interesting life there are not many other options. An honest job will not get you far in Russia. If you are not cheating the system somehow you will make very little money.

There is also enormous pressure on female employees to sleep with the boss. Vacancies will list ‘nezakomplexovana’ as a requirement for female applicants. This is code for: willing to drop your knickers.

So this is why so many Russian women are so insanely sexy. They are engaged in a struggle for survival. They seek an escape from a dreary existence. They go to great lengths to accomplish this. It takes incredible skill – am being dead serious here – to dress and act in a way that will dazzle men and keeps their attention.

The odds are against them.

Only a fraction of them land their millionaire.

A still smaller fraction gets to keep their millionaire or gets to cash in before the millionaire swaps them for a younger specimen.

It’s a risky business, because money has a way of being very fickle. The millionaire you bed today could be broke tomorrow morning.

The more opportunities women have to make a decent living, to develop intellectually and the more men there are available promising stability the less women start to invest in their looks.

This is why so many Russian women are so hot.

(Lucky genes are of course also a factor).

I should also mention that the Russian women who seek a different sort of escape, via academic work for example, are just as dedicated along their chosen path as their counterparts who picked the beauty route.

Despair makes for excellent fuel.

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