Over the past few months I have noticed the following things being put forward as the cause of gun violence in the US:

  • porn
  • video games
  • anti-depressants
  • a secret US government programme that is staging these shootings in order to pass laws to take people’s guns away (disturbingly popular theory…)
  • some say it could have something to do with easy access to military grade weapons
  • violence on television
  • massive income inequality in the US. Violence seems to happen when people are confronted by massive inequality and feel that they do not have real opportunities to climb the social ladder
  • Rising narcissism
  • Bullying. According to this theory the killers had experienced lots of bullying
  • Incel frustrations. Since the killers are all male, this theory says their acts were born out of sexual frustration. Incel meaning ‘involuntarily celebate’
  • The lack of firm monogamy. According to this theory most women want to sleep with the same small percentage of guys, leaving lots of men involuntarily celebate and some of those go on killing sprees. While it’s true that if women could select whomever they wanted as a sexual mate they would all select the same guys, in reality the idea of monogamy is already so firmly entrenched that this does not happen. Most guys, no matter how unattractive, manage to find at least one woman eventually. Plus this ignores that women select a partner for other reasons besides sex. There are plenty of reasons why women marry a certain guy, his sexual attractiveness is only a small factor in this.
  • Social media and so many people posing with what their ‘blessings’ in life, social media magnifying the enormous gap between the pretty popular people and the non attractive non popular people
  • The lack of strong father figures, the absence of strong father son relationships in our culture

Chances are that it is a combination of all these factors, except for the government conspiracy theory…