A Slovak lady friend asks: ‘Are Slovak women really that different?’

Her Belgian boyfriend is in Slovakia and he can’t stop drueling over all the bewilderingly beautiful women he sees everywhere. The poor guy’s life will never be the same again. His brain and hormones will never unlearn the sight of hot Slovak women, and now anything less will dissapoint.


Once you go Slovak you never go back.

You wouldn’t believe how many foreigners you can meet here who are purely here because they got married to a Slovak woman or are in a relationship with one, or were in a relationship with a Slovak woman and are still hell bent on finding a Slovak woman.

You can walk into a DM store and in two minutes you will see more knock-out babes than you will see in an entire year in Belgium. I swear this is the truth.

It’s depressing. It’s exciting, but also depressing.

Because you see so many women you would like to be with it, and you can’t, you see female perfection hit your brain and then turn the corner, get off the bus, out of the store, out of your life forever.

They dress provocatively. I am sometimes told this is because of ‘fashion’, but sorry, I am not buying that shit. These women loooooooove to be beautiful and get attention. It’s not just about how they look. They have a very sexy vibe, hot, elegant body language. A ‘hard to get look’ combined with subtle make-up and clothes and high heels designed to flood your brain with sex images.

Of course, not all Slovak women are like that. But here is how it works.

If a man walks into a shopping mall, let’s say Aupark, and he sees 6 totally hot women, he will walk out thinking: wow, that place was PACKED with gorgeous women. Because he didn’t notice the 50 that were not attractive at all. That’s in part why so many people are raving about Slovak women, it’s this super hot minority that captures the eye and gives you the impression that they are all hot, because the male brain is wired to only notice these. Sad truth, yes.

Well, in Belgium you won’t see those six super hot ones, they will all look like those 50 others, and even if they are good looking they will still lack this unique Slavic vibe that make your balls cramp up instantly.

Even the less naturally blessed Slovak women do have a vibe that women in western countries lack. Most of them are lucky to have long, slender legs. All visitors I have had over here in Bratislava have commented on this. Most of them are elegant, communicative, sweet, funny and they smile.

The end result is that you walk around in Bratislava going absolutely nuts from so many  sexy vibes.

Men are getting a lot of criticism for being the horny creatures that we are these days. Am not sure how women expect us to be these days. Castrated? Devoid of sexual feeling? Eunuchs?

On the one hand they rightfully complain about all the stupid shit we say to women to get into their pants, true, we say lots of dumb shit, cause we are often entirely clueless as to how to build a bond with a woman, they most certainly have justice on their side when they condemn rape – we can’t be too clear about that – but on the other hand they also want men to be self-confident, rather dominant – in a respectful way – and leaders, and they do crave sex, often rather, ehm, vigorous sex.

As I have said in other articles, women are looking for this one perfect guy who has all these magical qualities and would somehow want to neuter all the other guys, have them stay away from them. They want to be sexually desired – yes, sorry, they are wired to want to be desired, you can’t defeat what your genes want – but only by hot dream guys.

Well, unfortunately the majority of men is utterly clueless as to how to approach a woman. Look at the word ‘approach’. It implies that a woman is like a dangerous thing. Approach carefully. The truth is that women are brutally selective and that most guys have zeeeeroooo chance with the vast majority of the women out there. Ideally for women these men would auto-destruct. They would just give up. They would stay inside, not look at women, not try, just leave them alone. And they can dress up as sexy as possible hoping that Mr Perfect will notice and walk over and introduce himself in the most cavalier way.

So for men the torture is that we constantly see women we will probably never sleep with.

So for women the torture is that – if they are lucky with nature’s roll of the beauty dice – they will constantly get unwanted attention from sexually unattractive males and rarely by the men of their dreams.

We’re human.

We’re fucked.

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