It’s hard to say something that is true for all of us. I read many different articles on PEP about Slovak girls and there is truth in all of them, but there are also things I don’t agree with. Am glad PEP exists and I feel honored I am allowed to make some contributions. My name is Hanka and I will post more on this site in the future. 

So I’ve tried hard to select 20 traits that -in my opinion- almost all Slovak women share.

  1. We do not like one-night-stands. Don’t even try. Also: please, please, please do not send us a picture of your penis. In the unlikely event that we require a shot of your dong we will specifically request one, don’t worry. Why do I mention this first? Because guys are always trying to get into our pants. Hint: We see right through it! If you don’t want to get into our heads first, don’t bother trying to get into our pants. It’s really that simple.
  2. We love sex, but IN A MONOGAMOUS relationship. We will try anything at least once, as long as it with us and our partner and nobody else is involved.
  3. We are very family-oriented. This does not mean we are obsessed with babies. I know many Slovak women who do not have children and they are not suffering from any nervous breakdown. I also don’t have children and though I would want to one day, I do have many other passions in life. My wish to become a mother is maybe more pronounced than in western women, but Slovak women are not just mothers and housewives.
  4. Yes, we probably do more household chores than western women. But if you are thinking of marrying us to have a household slave/prostitute think again. We are not difficult women, but we do have standards. We are maybe not the most assertive but if you don’t treat us with respect you will lose us, for sure.
  5. We like to look good, yes, BUT why does looking attractive mean that you are dumb? All my Slovak girlfriends take very good care of their looks, and yes, they are gorgeous, but hey, they all have university degrees and all of them are currently employed. What if we look hot AND are intelligent? Maybe that’s why guys find Slovak women appealing, but also intimidating, hmmm?
  6. We hate lazy men. We are often accused of being golddiggers and of wanting to marry rich foreign men. Ok, some certainly are looking for a guy who is wealthy. But most of us just want a guy who is willing to work for his family, to have a career and make something out of his life. Money is not everything, but you need some of it to lead a normal life. Do you really expect is to settle down with a lazy loser who likes nothing better than to get drunk???
  7. We love to party. Trust me, I have been to parties in the west and to parties in the east. Slovak girls just party harder. And no, this doesn’t make us sluts or ‘ a tease’. We just love to dance, feel and act girly. Can’t deal with it? Then do not stare at us and do not judge us. Live and let live. We are very tolerant women, so let us have our fun too.
  8. We appreciate the little things in life. Further proof that we are not golddiggers. We love small presents, we love activities that do not have to cost a lot of money like walks in nature.
  9.  We are romantic. We love to be surprised and we love it when our guy can make us feel like a real woman. We are strong women, but we are very feminine. We don’t feel like we have to behave like men to have a career. We can do a great job at work in high heels and a short skirt. This is not some paradox. We like the beauty of life, and we love it when our guy shows us we matter more to him than anything else. And no, this does not have to cost a ton of money. It’s originality that counts. Shows us you really listened to us.
  10. We love our traditions. You may label this as ‘predictable’, but we like to eat the same thing at Christmas as all the years before. We love Easter traditions, even if we are not religious, and we love a small present on our name’s day, on the international day of women, our birthday and certain holidays. I swear if you can make a Slovak women feel beautiful, loved, cherished, respected, there is nothing she won’t do for you.

Come to Slovakia and see for your self!