It’s quite funny and touches upon some typical cliches concerning Eastern European women: superficiality, gold digging, obsession with looks, the obnoxious selfie culture, etc.

I am never really in touch with women like that, only intellectual women who don’t care much about their looks seem to want to talk to me, although sometimes I meet them through my work. But I do see them on the streets of any European country and this type of woman is most prevalent in Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia and parts of Poland and Bulgaria. The more Slavic a country is the more prevalent the type becomes, but you can see the same ‘phenomenon’ in the Baltic states and Hungary and Romania.

Oh, and I loooooove the accent Eastern European women have in English. It’s damn sexy I must admit.

And no matter how sadly true these cliches are, I still think Eastern European women are the most attractive in the world. They are uncompromisingly feminine.