• If you are from Western Europe or the anglosaxon world you stand a good chance
  • Tell them all great Russian things are actually Ukranian
  • Tell her she has Cosack blood
  • The word Ukraine means something like on the border. That’s because Ukranian girls have Borderline Personality Disorder because of alcoholic fathers and a shitty economic situation
  • Get her flowers. This counts for all ladies in the region formerly known as the Eastern Bloc. It probably works because only a guy with too much money would ever buy flowers.
  • They are very romantic and sensitive, but it’s all just an act
  • Routinely remind her that the Ukranians intially welcome the German invaders of 1941 as liberators. Make her feel guilty.
  • If you leave Ukraine with her and go to a richer country you will probably lose her to a guy with more money than you
  • Ignore all dating tips. All that matters is that you have money. If you make 3 times more than the average salary in Kiev you should have a really good chance to find one. Just don’t look depressed or like a doormat

This is a satirical post.

zuzi en ik

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