Two Slovak gems.

This picture does not do them justice, cause I only use old phones discarded by others. It’s ok. Not even the most modern phone could capture their radiance.

Students of Dutch.

Almost always in a contagious good mood.

Very enthusiastic about non-conventional humor. They mention ‘alternative’ series I have never heard of.

I woke up in my usual half depressed half angry state, cause am spoilt and need too many things to happen to get my dopamine levels to a normal level.

Walking over to their company (not accenture) I took the picture below and was planning to write something ‘what modern day hell looks like’. Even though I don’t have to work in a corporate structure just the idea of it angers me.


From the minute they walk in this changes. They’re funny. They’re incredibly fair. ‘If we call our boss to call if we can stay longer he will say yes even if it’s not true. So maybe we shouldn’t call.’

They’re perceptive. They’re both very direct. When I try to hit on a colleague one says: ‘Even if she would not be married you wouldn’t have a chance with her.’

She doesn’t say this to hurt my feelings, she’s just trying to spare everyone some awkwardness.

When I fancy a woman taller than me and I get insecure, the other says: ‘Everyone can climb a fallen tree’.

Recently one evening with her gave me more insight than a year of therapy.

In Iceland they have understood the power of women. During the latest banking crisis every Icelandic bank got into big trouble, except an investment bank run by women. Their slogan: ‘If we don’t understand it, we don’t buy it’ The male bankers only thought of short term gain and pretended to know what they were doing. And some did understand and did it anyway. For men life is a never ending pissing contest. And I am no different.

But these ladies are. Different.

Ready to help, but with healthy boundaries.

In the corporate treadmill, but wise enough to do a good job AND have a lot of fun at work.

Beautiful, but with showing off. You will catch neither posting fitness selfies.

I feel like am making a grave tactical error by writing about how charming, caring, witty, sensual, hard-working and intelligent Slovak women are, because if more foreigners realize this they will take any shitty job to just be in the country of the brainy big hearted sandmill figure long legged women.

And I am a typical egotistical selfish male, I want them all to myself.

Veronika and Zdenka, you have not the faintest clue what a boost of positivity you give your environment.


One more example of how smart these women are. Today we played  a complicated strategy game. I have been playing this game for 10 years. They played it for the very first time. Everything was explained to them in Dutch. And the rules are complicated. Even so one pointed out a rule most players misinterpret. Result: I have been playing this game a little bit wrong for ten years. My nerd heart was bleeding, but am glad she cleared it up.



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