One of the more powerful things I do to break through this emotional-mental state of doom, scarcity mindset, feeling buried, locked up, living in a weird monastery, you know, the usual list of childhood conditioned negativity, is to go out each Friday with wonderful people and to try new things. First we were all about boardgames. These past few months our exploratory forays have been targeting restaurants.

The food in this place was delicious. The vibe was pure Japanese as far as I can tell. The staff was unuuuuusally friendly. We are in Slovakia so we are not used to nice waitresses. Slovak staff tends to treat customers as a necessary evil and even if they’re friendly it still feels forced.

But the waitress here… Oh my… She genuinely made us feel like we were royalty or something. We couldn’t believe it.

If you have the chance go there!

Peter and Erika loved it.


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