Let’s think about this question for a moment. It comes from more than just a couple self-sabotaging beliefs and it reeks of not only misunderstanding women, but – worse – of not fully appreciating them.

If your main objective is to have sex with women, like to use them as some masturbation kit made out of flesh and blood, then 1: you won’t get into the pants of any sophisticated woman. 2: even if you do, it’s unlikely she’ll want to repeat it.

Women are not easy or hard to get into bed. Because anyone asking the question: Are they ‘easy’ is not asking if they are picky about their food or easy to get along with. The question asks: will Slovak girls let you fuck them without making an effort?

It’s absurd to say anything that would be uniquely true about the 4 million – or more – Slovak women currently on this planet. We are talking about millions of INDIVIDUALS, there’s no additive in the Slovak tap water to influence the sexual behavior of Slovak women. They are all different.

They have one thing in common and that is that yes, they are women.

Women anywhere on this planet are ‘easy’ when you love them, when you offer great sex without being needy, without expecting it from them and when it’s clear you desire them specifically not just anyone and of course, if you are an interesting, passionate guy who feels relaxed in their presence and have no problem communicating your sexual desire in an adult fashion. Women love guys like that and yes, often they will want to have sex with that kind of guy.

If you are experiencing women as ‘hard’ to get then the root causes are 1. You don’t love women 2. You don’t even love yourself.

Women sense these things incredibly fast.

The only thing that makes Slovakia perhaps a bit different from a western country is that lots of Slovak girls are very Catholic. This will slow them down initially, since sex, especially with multiple partners, is still hated by the Church, more than anything else, but again, LOVE women in a non-needy way and they can only love you back. Celebrate their existence and enjoy making them feel good and enjoy being with them and sex will often be the by-product of that.

Nationality has very little to do with it.

On the whole I would say Slovak women are even more intuitive and even more sensitive than other women, because the anti-women effects and anti-men effects of radicalized feminism haven’t hit these shores yet, so you are best adviced to show them lots of genuine love or you won’t get anywhere. You will also have to be courageous and make it clear from the start that yes, you are interested in sex with them, although that’s not the sole reason you are devoting time to them.

I wouldn’t say Slovak women are easy, I would say Slovak women are:

  • strong
  • very loveable
  • elegant
  • gorgeous
  • very, very sexual once they like you and feel good around you
  • very intelligent
  • super intuitive
  • exquisitely feminine
  • reliable
  • in need of men who take initiative without pushing them
  • once you break the ice they very easily indicate what they want
  • are very caring
  • are loyal
  • are funny
  • are very formal initially, you really have to break the ice by showing genuine appreciation
  • allergic to guys who like to show off
  • will run away from insecure guys no matter how big your car or your biceps or your dick is, Slovak women want to be around confident guys who know they do not need to be millionaires to make a woman feel like she is the most precious creature in the world and to rock her senses in the bedroom. Watch Titanic, yes, am totally serious, Titanic to get the hang of it. Just stay alive in case of a catastrophe. Slovak girls like dating guys who are among the living.

Hard or easy… rest assured… Slovak women are…