I have 24 hours in a day and on average I need about 6 hours of sleep per night to function optimally.

I have noticed that the following things that I do carry next to no benefit or even cause me stress or are such a distraction that they cause me trouble in the long run because of the lost time. These include:

– posting anything at all on social media

– video games

– randomly reading through wikipedia

– reading the news

– (re)watching movies and series

– giving too much time and attention to depressed people who are not my clients, I mean, some people act like they are my babies and they can suck at my tits all they want and I allow them, not realizing how much this exhausts me, even though I have unusual energy levels

– I would add playing chess, but this might help my concentration

– talking too long via messenger

– going to too many shops by not being efficient

– reading books I shouldn’t be reading

– taking too long to cook poor quality meals

– browsing through all kinds of feeds, especially political feeds. Hey, hello, am not a politician, why the fuck do I spend a third of my waking moments on politics? Doesn’t get me one cent and just disturbs me…

– being negative and completely losing sight of my goals even though I have a very clear idea of what I wish to do

It’s all just addictive behavior and I know I can retrain my brain to no longer give in to these destructive impulses. If I can quit coffee and alcohol I can quit anything.

So no more of that. All it takes it some good old self-discipline!!