If you don’t know the movie Great Balls Of Fire now would be a good time to watch it.

It’s one of the first movies I remember. I watched it a lot as a kid. At least once a year until I was almost an adult.

I think I was about 6 when my dad and I were watching it and he turned to me and asked:

‘Would you stop buying someone’s music because they did something immoral in their personal life?’

My answer is the same today as it was back then: No, I would not. At least not if I really like that music.

It’s the first morally charged question I remember. Though my dad being my dad it probably wasn’t the first one.

Now that I have a son myself I realize it’s not a question I would ask Bruno right now.

My dad being my dad asked this question with tenacity, fire, with those big burning eyes. As with all his questions it was clear which answer he preferred.

The shitty thing in question is Jerry marrying his 13 year old cousin.

This is portrayed almost comically, but still quite tragically in the movie. I think she’s chewing on chewing gum during the wedding ceremony. Jerry also freaks out cause ‘she doesn’t move like a virgin’ in bed.

Not really a movie kids should be watching.

I had fun watching all those movies.

In this one my favorite scene was when he wants to go last at a concert, but another artist wants that honor and gets his way. Jerry then sets fire to his piano and works the audience up to a complete frenzy. The other artist then refuses to play cause he can’t top that.

I have always enjoyed it when arrogant people get a good smack in the face.

Though I definitely don’t enjoy it when it happens to me.

Talking too much about myself as usual.

If you wanna see a good movie with lots of rock and roll vibes and stellar performances go and check this one out.


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