1. Could any country in existence today attack Ukraine and hope to win without killing a single civilian or destroying a single non-military building?

2. Is the US pumping money and materiel into Ukraine because it’s such a benevolent country and has never killed millions of innocent people in countries such as Vietnam, Iraq, the Philipines and a very long list of other countries? Is the US seeking to benefit from this conflict?

3. Putin has almost nothing to gain from the use of chemical weapons. The use of chemical weapons is about the only thing that could lead to active US involvement in the war. So what is more likely? Putin using chemical weapons or the Ukrainians claiming that he used them?

4. Does war only affect the emotions of Europeans when white people are dying?

5. If Russia wins this war. How can it control Ukraine without deporting millions of Ukrainians to areas in Russia?

6. Could this war have been prevented if Ukraine had let the separatists regions go and if it had pledged never to join NATO? Would Zelensky have been toppled by the Ukrainians themselves if he had made these concessions before the war started?

7. Is ok to confiscate the possessions of Russian nationals? Is it ok that states can arbitrarily decide to attack the idea of private ownership?

8. Who is making a lot of money thanks to this war? If you own a factory that produces weapons are you a happy guy today or an unhappy guy?

9. Will we see Palestinian flags and colors appear everywhere when Israel invades Palestine again? Will the media say what Israel does is barbaric?

10. Will Biden be reelected thanks to this war because it’s taken all attention away from issues such as cancelling student debt, the covid crisis, universal healthcare, the horrific refugee crisis on the Mexican border where the US put kids in cage, etc etc?

11. Are Venezuela and Ukraine no longer to be demonized now that the west needs their oil more than ever before?

12. Are you enthusiastic about the possible return of obligatory military service for all able bodied citizens in many European countries as one of many militaristic responses to Russia’s attack?

13. Are mainstream journalists allowed to openly criticize American wars without losing their job?

14. Is Julian Assange still in jail for exposing some of the crimes of the west?

15. Is it possible for a third party candidate in the US to get the same kind of attention Trump got for tweeting bullshit? Is the US an oligarchy or a democracy where you can choose between ten or more political parties with wildly different views or is the political system about choosing the lesser of two evils every four years?