This is a persistent cliché, but is there any truth to it?

I don’t know of any study that confirms or debunks this…

Available data does strongly suggest that Asian men have a smaller penis than men of other ethnicities.

Is is reasonable to assume that nature made the vaginas of Asian women more accomodating to the somewhat smaller tools of Asian men?

One may wonder, but there is no proof.

Individual experiences of European and American men seem to suggest that yes, they are tighter.

That is still only anecdotal evidence. There may also be a psychological effect. If you expect something to be a certain way you may be inclined to experience it that way.

To my knowledge there is no scientific proof to conclude that Asian pussies are indeed tighter.

But there is also no proof that they aren’t.

So yes, maybe. Or maybe not.

What is not so nice is that often men assume Asian women will be more willing to engage in sexual intercourse with them or will be sluttier or will be more submissive or will even be more likely to be attracted to pain (!!). All that is bullshit of course. It’s possible that Asian women will be more attracted to tall foreigners who are perceived as having more money than the local men. That says very little about their sexuality though.

What is absolutely sure is that the tightness or looseness of a woman’s vagina has ZERO to do with how many sexual partners she’s had.