Once in a while a movie comes along that takes you through a romance that feels REAL.

Anton Yelchin is one of my favorite actors. He passed away in a freak accident at a very young age, so his movies are all the more precious. You know there won’t be more.

In this one his character meets a French lady smoking outside in front of a building and it’s

le coup de foudre.

Love at first sight.

The woman is sophisticated, classy, wise in the way of the worlds, sexy and flirtatious. She’s also 9 years older than he is and married with two children.

He’s 24 and an aspiring writer. And naive and idealistic.

A cliche cocktail perhaps, but the way the two bring it is crisp, vibrant, moving.

Proof that the movie got me in that inaccessible place between hurt and exctasy, between joy and sadness is that I immediately watched again.

It probably helped that the main actress is the type I fall for and that the characters break the social conventions I loathe.

Anton Yelchin looks so cute and young and suave in this movie that he’s motivated me to lose weight.


When somebody has time for you between 5 to 7 it’s code for wanting to have an affair.


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