First off: sorry, but no truly successful people feel the need to post comments on Facebook pages. They just don’t feel the need. They already feel seen and heard because they are successful. Why on earth would they waste their time commenting on something on Facebook or Instagram or wherever? And get into the silliest kind of arguments with total strangers who aren’t online to learn but to try and win some argument??

So the chance that comments are being written by people with not much going for them in life is very probable.

Add the laughing emoticon and now every frustrated douchebag can go ridicule people with the click of a button. This must be the emoticon that is the least likely to be used for what it was intended. Am guessing not even one percent of the people who use it are actually laughing when they click on it. It’s merely being used to mock people, to make people feel less, to frustrate people with a different opinion. It’s become the weapon of the feeble minded. In the end these people are so riddled with insecurities they think they can give themselves an ego fix by pretending that the opinions of others are so stupid they make them laugh out loud. They don’t make them laugh out loud at all. They are just frustrated.

Since commenting on Facebook inevitably leads to responses by the biggest of wilfully ignorant morons with too much time on their hands succesful people are even less likely to throw some serious thoughts into any discussion. Ergo: any succesful person will use Facebook for his own benefit and never be drawn into time consuming fights with people who will never accept a different point of view. People don’t enter online discussions to learn. Because anyone sane has realized long ago that the comments sections on social media have been hijacked by the most frustrated among us.

Closed groups tend to be less toxic if they are managed well. Public pages are the digital playground of toxic adults who never amounted to anything.

Want to expose yourself as anything but wise? Go comment on some Facebook page.

The wise have the self-restraint to save their opinion for when it matters.

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