1. Mean something to others. Be part of something bigger.

All unhappy people I know expect more from the world than they are willing to give. They are in this life for themselves and it’s the formula to make you miserable. If you’re just running around looking for your next pleasure fix you will eventually hit a wall.

Boosting someone else’s happiness will do a lot for your own joie de vivre.

Give something to the world and people will come along that value your effort.

2. Go where they need you

Location matters. The world is big. What you have to offer may not be in demand in Finland, but may be in demand in Colombia. One company may not know what to do with you and the next company may not know what to do without you. A change of scene can do wonders.

3. Exercise

I have met some rather happy obsese people, but they would just be even happier if they were fit.

Our bodies are made to move.

Exercise has a very positive effect on our brain chemistry.

Well, I don’t need to go into details. Y’all know what exercise can do for you.

4. Stop investing time in stale relationships

Everybody knows you should cut all toxic relationships out of your life. Obviously. A little less obvious is that you should also get rid of people you have in your life just because you are scared of being alone or for lack of an alternative. It can be scary to do, but you free up space for people to come along who struck the right chord and vice versa. And besides, it’s also fair to those people. Nobody wants to be hanging out with someone who is secretely longing to be some place else. Choose to spend your time with people you are magnetically attracted to – in a friendship way or otherwise – and if those aren’t there, fine be alone for a while. Do stuff you enjoy and kindred spirits will appear.

The same goes for activities that are only mildly pleasant. Do stuff that makes you feel alive.

5. What you do matters

Don’t even for one second think that what you do has no impact. Everything has an impact. Influence one person positively and in the long run you may very well be influencing millions of people positively. Consider the ripple effect. Let go of the megalomania. You don’t have to have 100,000 followers on Twitter to make a difference. Making a positive difference is the whole point if you want to be happy.

6. At least try. Because… what we think we become

You have about 60 to 70 years on this planet. Give or take. At least try. Try and build something. Even the attempt itself matters. You’re a human being. You are part of the most advanced community on this planet. Some people are pure evil, but most are not. If you’re goinf to be here anyway you might as well try to help make things better in a way that suits your talents and passions best. Life has a strange way of opening up possibilities if we first believe that those possibilities exist. Am allergic to the way ‘the secret’ was hyped and how if focussed so much on material gain, but there is a grain of truth to it. What you visualize tends to materialize. So at least try.

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