Today is international beer day. Am certainly no connaisseur when it comes to beer. Am not much of a drinker. However, here is one tip.

If you are in Belgium go to a bar called De Dulle Griet at the Vrijdagmarkt (Friday Market) in Ghent. It’s a lovely city to visit anyway.

Order Kwak. They will make you take off one shoe and they will tie it to a chandelier. In return you will get a unique beer served in a unique glass. Just don’t break it. It will cost you. Don’t drink it too fast or the beer will splash all over your face. Hence the name Kwak – I think – because ‘kwak’ is – it has many meanings actually- the word for a splashing sound in Dutch.

If you don’t want to risk breaking an expensive glass go for one of my favorites: Orval, Barbar or la Chouffe. For example. In De Dulle Griet alone they serve more than 200 different beers.



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