Pretty soon I had to admit I only kept watching because I wanted to keep admiring Alma Jodorowsky’s exotic allure. She’s my type. In some scenes her beauty is almost too painfully out of reach that it becomes unbearable.

Story-wise you have seen it all before. The story is almost a copy of The art of getting by where the beauty of Emma Roberts might well be the only reason to keep watching. If not a copy then Kids in love is definitely a younger brother.

I read somewhere that this movie was trying to be a rebel yell and failed.

I didn’t even notice it had anything rebellious at all, so yes, if this was somehow to be the filmic rallying cry of a new counter-culture then it is vapid.

You basically get to see a bunch of generically good-looking slackers. In rather posh surroundings.

There are no political statements. None of the characters are fighting for any ideals. They are looking for a bit of hedonism. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The naughty boyfriend has an unusual way to make a living, but that’s it. You just see kids hanging out.

Since I am a huge sucker for romance I wanted to know if the nice guy gets the sultry more experienced girl who initiates him in the world of – very mild – debauchery.

The main actor’s very subdued performance as the insecure kid who wants more excitement in his life is quite appealing. The whole thing is very tender. You could call it a celebration of the magnetic appeal of female beauty, but in an amateurish way.

It’s because of the main actor I got to this movie. I looked up Will Poulter’s filmography after seeing his endearing and funny performance in We’re the Millers. This actor has talent, but in this script there is not much for him to let that talent shine.

Slim pickings…

I very much doubt the creator of this movie had any sort of message about our current society so the most interesting bits are the erotic tension between the shy guy and the cool girl.

It’s a fantasy that will spawn many more similar movies.

Some hopefully more memorable than this one.


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