A Slovak lady whom I’ve come to respect as someone who expresses her opinons in a nuanced and thoughtful way wrote the following comment related to flirting:

Flirting is an interesting topic but I am not sure if it actually exists here in Slovakia. 😀 What I’ve noticed is that when a Slovak man likes a woman, he usually tries to be funny around her in a kind of silly, childish way and if she positively responds to his jokes it’s like a signal that she likes him. When it happens that a guy wants to flirt with me (and in that case it’s usually not a Slovak), I find it oddly amusing as it feels so uncommon.

An an other Slovak lady confirms this and writes us:

Well my experience is, even when you’re impeccably dressed and look like an ancient godess, they never say anything

Over the years I have heard this recurring complaint from Slovak women: ‘Slovak guys only stare at you, they never approach you’

One of the ladies writes:

I believe men here are afraid to express their feelings because women are often cruel. They are afraid of losing their balls.

I have never seen a Slovak guy effectively flirt with a woman. Not once. I’ve actually never even seen a Slovak guy trying to express interest in a woman in any direct way. Their seduction strategy seems to consists of just staying near the woman they want long enough and to somehow stumble into a relationship with her, just from being always around her. Many fall into the notorious friendzone trap. Others seem to get together at parties when everyone is drunk and the usual inhibitions are gone.

I can’t imagine Slovak guys doing ‘day game’, meaning approaching attractive women in broad day light in every day settings and asking them out. In their defence: Slovak women are so afraid of strangers that on the street they will probably brush you off far faster than in almost any other European country. One night stands are a social taboo. The morals of this culture are repressive. It’s like the sexual revolution of the sixties skipped this country. Lots of Slovak women don’t use birth control. All the Belgian women I have dated took the pill. None of the Slovak women I have dated were on the pill. (Probably a good thing, because the pill is not healthy and the use of the pill polutes our water supply with female hormones.)

Slovak women become a lot different once you have a reason to interact with them. All the receptionists I meet smile at me with the kind of smile that feels like a warm bed, an ocean of charming goodness to drown yourself in. On the street they look like cold-hearted bitches. If this is to scare off sleezebags then it’s certainly an effective strategy.

Once a Slovak woman allows me into her personal space they are like angels, they are like a shot of heroine. They are incredibly sweet, interested, kind, appreciate the attention you give them, like to share, and will even share intimate details about sex as soon as they feel comfortable around you. It’s just that out on the street they look like they are going to shoot you or ride you over with the giant cars so many of them drive around in.

Women in general do wear bitch shields so they won’t be bothered by obnoxious, disrespectul guys. It can be very hard for nice guys to break through those shields.

Slovak women are also quite brutal on dating apps like Tinder and also on the street and other public spaces. They have so many guys to choose from that they become very dismissive and scan super fast. One message they don’t like and you’re out. But if you break through their bitch shields they are very willing to meet. You just need to get your foot in the door. And yes, displaying status combined with being friendly helps. I know I always get criticized for saying women are attracted to women with power and status, but can we really deny this? I mean, even Hitler, not exactly an adonis, had throngs of women screaming for him.

Since most Slovak women are starving for real attention, not just the eternal shallow compliments on their looks, they are super grateful when you surprise them with small gifts and tokens of affection that show you have truly SEEN her. Signs you have seen past her good looks to what’s going on inside. Do that for a Slovak woman and at the very least you will win her deep platonic affection. Maybe this is why Slovak women try so hard to look good, they crave attention from a great guy, but not for their looks. At the same time they become more intimidating by looking so good. It is a vicious circle.

What I also notice is how very critical Slovak guys are about women’s looks. Do you know why? Often nothing at all is wrong with those women. They just try to find faults with them so they won’t feel the need to approach her. If they can decide she’s not worth it they don’t need to feel like cowards for not trying to get in touch with her. That’s really what it is. Cowardice.