I’ve always been fascinated by drugs and by debauchery in general.

I love threesomes, not for the sex, but for the deviancy of it, for the novelty, the abnormalcy, doing something that one isn’t supposed to do. Technically threesomes usually suck. They can get very clumsy. But the mental rush of doing something naughty! Massive!

Same with drugs.

My drug of choice is cocaine.

I love the novel ‘Bright lights, big city’ and I love the movie ‘Blow’.

It makes you confident like never before, tastes like something you can never get enough of, I love how it drips down your throat from your nose, and I love how talkative people almost always become.

Yes, it’s true, the only thing cocaine makes you want to do is more cocaine, but hey, it’s so fucking good. The entire ritual. The icy and punching feeling you get when it goes up your nose.

If there wouldn’t be so many risks involved I would be totally addicted to it.

I’ve just been told that people in Amsterdam ram 30,000 lines a day up their nose.

What am I still doing in Slovakia? Dutch people are so much more like me.

I’m really a Flemish dwarf with Anglosaxon passions and Dutch morals!

Do you want to know why I am in Slovakia?

I wanted to have it hard.

I admit it.

I wanted to have it hard.

I’ve always walked away from the easy road and made life much harder for me than it needed to be.

It could be a pathological addiction to challenge or pure vanity. Hey, world, look what I can do, I can make it in Slovakia!

Anyway, I would never do coke in Slovakia. The police is awful and the quality of the coke as well. The further away you are from a harbour the more cut up it gets.

Alcohol is legal, because it’s a depressant, doesn’t offer new perspective, and helps to keep us enslaved.

Call that a conspiracy theory, if you like, but think about it before you do.