Imagine you are in a different country, an expat. Let’s say you’ve left a land of plenty and have moved to a land of hard knocks.

John was a highschool teacher in Slovakia, making only half of what he could make in a similar position in Belgium. Being a highschool teacher is far, far from glamorous, even less so when you’re only paid a pittance and lose three hours a day commuting to what in many ways amounts to a dump on the outskirts of Bratislava.

Thinking he really doesn’t have any other options, that life is pretty much over, John, who speaks 8 languages, but is highly impractical, feels deeply rejected by the world, and has lost all hope, as an embittered playwright, has given up. To compensate for his suicidal bouts of melancholy and nostalgia, he goes into overdrive. He gets himself a Tinder account and uses everything he’s learned about psychology to get matches.

On top of that, there’s a colleague who likes to dress up like a porn star and make all the male students, all 500 of them, horny, to boost her hungry ego.

John loves women with big egos. You wouldn’t say so from the look of him, but he used to have a raging, hungry ego, so he can relate. He loves the self-confidence hot women ooze from every pour and wants to tank some self-confidence by being around them and being intimate with them.

So after his lady shows show signs of being open to getting to know him better, like commenting on his beard, touching him in passing, complimenting him on his popularity as a teacher, et cetera, he asks her out.

She might not see it as a date, but he sure does.

It will drive him to the brink of suicide, closer than ever before.