You will not like John. You will see John do some awful things. Things he knows are wrong, things he’s not proud of and he will do them anyway.

You will not understand Z, who will stand by his side, even though he causes her problems, paranoia, sleepless nights, anger and shame.

You will frown when Z stays convinced that John is a good person, with a good heart.

John will do what he is about today, because, perhaps,

  • He is a spoiled only child who can’t accept that he cannot have it all
  • He is trying to dull massive emotional pain through the thrill of hooking up, of ‘winning’ other women
  • He is repeating a trauma of severe rejection. Until his early twenties John thought he was so ugly he would die a virgin. Now he needs to re-affirm, again and again, that this is not true
  • He may just happen to feel most alive and happy getting to know new women as intimately as possible. Like some people never feel better than when they are playing golf, John never feels better than during that first night with a new beautiful woman.

But before John will train himself to be a pretty damn succesful pick-up artist, he and Z will hit emotional rock bottom, and raise a compromise from the ashes.