Well, it’s our partner The Dutch House in Bratislava that took the initiative.

So most of the guests are learning Dutch here in Slovakia, but we’ve invited anyone who’s been supportive of PEP here in Bratislava as well.

We post a lot of disturbing news, on issues like the economy, the systematic violence of Israel, and other sad current events, BUT, we never forget that life is what you make of it and can be beautiful as well.

So tomorrow night will be a night to come together, talk, exchange ideas and have fun.

If you reguarly read the articles on our website we would hereby really like to thank you.

Our statistics keep climbing and that’s thanks to you, and it’s a very rewarding feeling. It pushes us to create more content.

Best wishes from the PEP team,

Zuzana, Peter, Janice, Franswa, Katarina, Hanka, Tim and William