Are you depressed or are you simply not doing enough of the stuff that make our brains go JEEEEEEEJJJJJ?

The good news is that our brains go jumping up and down like eager puppies in tennis ball paradise from doing things that cost nothing or next to nothing.

Here are just ten examples:

  • Cook dinner with a friend. Do not eat alone. It’s a powerful ritual. To eat a home cooked meal in the company of a friend is so much more nurturing than eating in the fanciest restaurant alone
  • We can’t repeat this enough: Go running. It takes a lot of will power to get going, but once you get a routine, you will feel your body demanding to go running. And the benefits are legion.
  • Play a board game with a friend. A board game, not a video game. Face to face. Lock horns, so to speak. Win and lose gracefully though, it’s about the challenge and learning from each other.

  • Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Walk around and be attuned to people you find attractive. Playfully show interest. Even if the person isn’t interested, he or she will feel flattered. And you’ll get an adrenaline rush and feel good about yourself for authentically sharing and expressing yourself, no matter the outcome. This can be harder or easier depending on the culture you live in. Cuba is probably a far easier place to be flirtatious than Slovakia with its distant, closed off, almost paranoid people, for example, but still, if it’s possible to be flirtatious in Slovakia you can be flirtatious anywhere.

  • STOP STARING AT SCREENS. Read a novel, it reduces stress, makes you sleep better. Talk to people face to face. Get a hug. Go walk a dog from a shelter. Ah, so many options!

  • BONUS 6: Give something away. Get someone a gift. Get someone a nice surprise. We have this controversial theory that we are not too vocal about, but we are starting to think that depression is often a result of extreme egocentrism. Not a popular theory, we know. But try it. Feeling down? Prepare a nice surprise for someone you like. The trick is to do it without expecting anything back.

Ok, now switch of the screen and mentally prepare to give compliment for a person you really like, the next time you see him or her.

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