Am walking down Lazaretska street and all of a sudden, I spot this star marked ‘Jude’ on the ground.

It creeped me out a bit, while I was creeping out people who saw me taking a picture of some dirty stuff on the ground.

How did it get there?

Who wore it?

Does Kotleba (the local popular right wing dude every country seems to have these days) have a favorite beer cellar somewhere near Laurinska where he gives speeches to throngs of frustrated youngsters?

Was it part of some prank?

Did a history teacher lose some of his pedagogical artifacts on the way to work?

Are they shooting a World War II movie in Bratislava?

I don’t have the answer of course, it just drew my attention.

In the end it was just a little reminder that I still forget myself when I look at our past, our collective memory and the extremes we humans are capable of.

So, a somewhat disturbing, but also somewhat inspiring experience.

If someone lost this item and wants it back, it’s probably still where I left it, somewhere on Lazaretska.