A record was broken yesterday. The site drew the most visitors in one day ever. More than it drew in a typical week in the past.

Still, being almost never satisfied, I want the site to do better, better, BETTER!

Here’s An offer you can’t refuse! A standing invitation to criticize!

How could this blog be better?

To warm you guys up:

– it would be much better if the posts on the main page wouldn’t just show the title and a picture, but also a short excerpt, the first couple of lines of a post to wet the reader’s appetite. Unfortunately I’m such a technological noobcake that I can’t get the option to work… Help!

– I know the concept isn’t very clear, it’s all very muddled and vague. That could be because I like too many things, and my thoughts are usually chaotic, so I rant, instead of focussing on one specific topic in each post. When I DO focus on one topic, the post gets more readers and it becomes easier to share.

What topics would you like to read about more?

– The posts that require a password have triggered a lot of curiosity. I repeat once again that if you ask for the password there’s a good chance I’ll give it to you. If a post is protected it’s mostly because it was written in a depressed mood and I don’t want just anyone to read that or to worry about me.

– interviews usually get more hits than my typical exhibitionist posts where I write about my loves and hurts, in a way that people, apparently, can not relate to…

– posts about women and sex outperform most other posts

– the pictures are often mismatched with the titles of the posts

– someone who’s good at English has commented several times that my language is too complicated

– there’s a chance it’s already quite good, but for some reason doesn’t get spread around. When I put an old post that got something like 20 views on this site on Quora, this happened: