We are looking for 10 go getters. 10 ambitious people who want to use their walnut shaped brain power to create more value, perform better, be in flow more often, connect more, impact more people.

Your profession, degree, title, age, race, none of that matters, the only thing that counts is a drive to drastically improve your live and that of others.

The meetings will take place in Bratislava, they will be totally free of charge, we will send out hand written invitations to those we think would love to be a part of this. Also the first discussion topic will be communicated in the invitation, along with more practical details.

The idea is to create a kind of think tank for ambitious and at the same time giving people who do not want to settle for any less than to be absolutely thriving, who want to set and reach big goals and help others reach theirs by passing on the experience they’ve gained along the way.

If you are interested, send us an email, rigoreobstinato@hotmail.com, tell us a bit more about yourself and why you would like to join and we’ll tell you more.