I had a refreshingly short day today. Almost felt like a holiday. I taught classes from 8.30 to 17.15. Then I saw my friend Abram. He isn’t in Bratislava that often, but when he is we almost always meet up for typical Slovak baked cheese.

We have loads in common. Our conversations are very open. We talk about the most embarrassing aspects of our lives. It’s like we are confessing to each other and there is a bit of absolution at the end. Failures on every level are discussed. Imagine two years of therapy balled into one conversation. Lots of sexual stuff, I must say, but like you would expect in a Woody Allen movie. Alienation, failure, rare drops of satisfaction in an ocean of disappointment.

On top of that we talked about literature, what Bratislava used to be like – his stories about how Bratislava used to be a lot cosier and soulful really resonated with me- , all the women we can’t have (and a bit about those we did have), psychology and mutual friends. If I could capture the stuff of these conversation into a book I imagine it would be an overnight bestseller. That’s what I always think walking home.

What I wanted to say though is that yes, I do have happy moments not related to my son or sexual adventures (there are none to be had these days anyway).

I even caught myself thinking: hey, am having a really good time and am not out with a woman I want to undress.