1. Location, location, location

To expect tons of success in certain countries is like to go to Siberia or Greenland or the Sahara specifically to grow potatoes. There are way better locations to do that. The same is true for success with women. There are countries where you will likely struggle and countries where the odds will favor you.

In some countries it’s hard to seduce women, especially if you’re not looking to settle down, AND all the effort is not even worth it because the women tend to be boring, predictable and tame in bed. I will not name names, but there are countries like that.

There are also countries where things are way easier. Find those. These are countries where the women will come on to YOU, where THEY will try to get in touch with you.

Women are not passive in the seduction process. Once they are attracted they do get active and do show initiative.

Some cultures may be favorable to one type of guy and not favorable to a different type of guy.

If you are young then TRAVEL. Find the country where your chances are biggest.

2. Chase money, not women

Don’t become a slave to money of course. Working 60 or more hours a week in the corporate world may actually hurt your dating game. Find some enjoyable way to make money. Become good at something. It will make it a hell of a lot easier to attract women. Financial security will also change your vibe. They may not be directly after your money, but they do like the vibe you give off when you are not worrying.

3. Live your best life and stop caring about women

Women like a challenge too. If you like them too much you have already lost.

If there is a secret ingredient to attracting women it’s JOIE DE VIVRE.

Love your life for other reasons than what’s happening with women and the women will flock to you.

Find something that makes you happy. Let that something be independent of women.

Women should be the icing on the cake, but never the cake.

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