One would have to be supremely naive to think progressive politics have a real chance in the US or even the UK. Even in France they have a president who is entirely beholden to the bankers…

It’s highly unlikely that the policies progressives have been advocating for several decades now will ever be enacted.

To get empty shell people like Biden, Kamala Harris and many other adopt universal healthcare or end systemic racism or DRASTICALLY reduce the number of incarcerated people (mostly brown) in the US would require a mass movement. A storming of the White House with an action plan, a strong organisation and a very clear set of demands. Not some ridiculous, utterly pointless, egotistical and completely counterproductive feast of debility and child like powerlessness like we have seen with the storming of the Capitol.

That is… simply not going to happy.

Most left leaning people in the US and Europe have gone back to sleep. There is a democratic president. All is well.

Biden would be an extreme right winger in any European country. The man himself has no ideology. He just tries to go along with the tide.

The ONLY candidate Biden could have defeated in a race to the White House was Donald Trump. And if Biden had been the candidate in 2016 Trump would likely have won in that case as well. 2020 was really Biden’s moment. Sad, cause he’s an opportunistic hollow soul with a penchant for nepotism and sucking corporate dick.

So what do you do?

Fighting the good fight and trying to win over people to support progressive policies such as universal healthcare, slashing the military budget, promoting independent media, getting money out of politics, countering the widening of the wealth gap, etc… It’s hard. It’s often unrewarding. It’s frustrating to have to reply to people who have been fed too much corporate propaganda to see what’s good for them and for society as a whole. There is no money in it, unless one can sell a book to progressives or get them to support your YouTube channel or something. But those things take hellish drive and energy and more likely than not will hamper your own personal prosperity.

So in the face of a well oiled machine, the rich, their political puppets and their media mercenaries it’s very much an uphill battle.

Although I admire people who dedicate their entire life to fighting for the good things in the political arena – some become stars, but most do it in relative obscurity on Twitter – I don’t know if it’s worth it. The idea of martyrdom holds little appeal to me.

I’m no Bernie Sanders who seems to get an erection out of graciously LOSING. Again and again.

Politics is a game that is so broken that it breaks anyone with good intentions who becomes engaged in politics.

This is also not the time to build a disciplined organisation to challenge these corporate politicians. People have become too indiviualistic to be part of a progressive machine to fight the good fight in a way that there is a real chance of victory.


Build a good life for yourself. That’s not easy either. And people like Biden will make it harder. There’s even worse to come after Biden since his presidency will not fix anything.

Talk about progressive policies to whomever wants to listen, support the few real progressive news outlets there are and try to create your own little democracy with loved ones…

Build a wall between you and the world of The Spectacle.

The media, our most prominent politicians… Every day they present us a spectacle. A show.

We have very little influence over it, but we can refuse to be a part of it. We can tune out.

We can secede.

If you want the good life you will have to build it yourself. The politicians that are allowed to win elections are not going to do it for you.

The most powerful rebellion now is to LOVE.

This will sound like a trippy hippie thing to say, but I believe it’s the only way foward.