As I have predicted before: It’s going to be a nauseating four years.

Never a critical word about Joe Biden. His nepotism, his deals with creepy companies like the credit card industry or the healthcare money making model (a pack of vultures hatched by Einstein brains). The cushy jobs he arranged for his sons and probably other family members and friends. His role in the mass incarceration of black men. His unwavering support of Israel, a state that routinely kidnaps (‘detains’) and kills Palestinian children, his war mongering against Venezuela and Iran, his ironclad loyalty towards the military industry, his maintaining of troops in Syria, Afghanistan and other places… To name just a few less than saintly things..

NONE of that.

Look, if the media can make total fools of themselves proclaiming this asshole the best thing since the invention of the mini skirt I will also step up my game: Biden is an agent of misery, death, destruction and the perpetuation of a cycle that produces hate, violence and an ever widening gap between the super rich and the rest of us.

With long hair he would look exactly like one of the four riders of the apocalyps.

Instead there is this deifying garbage piece:

Even Biden’s weaknesses are his assets.

Here the bogus title goes:

‘Biden’s lack of charisma is his biggest strength’

Damn, I always thought it was his senility, his lack of any kind of ideology except for whatever can keep his political career going and his deep ties to the corporate state that always trump the demands of decent humanity…

This is not journalism.


The media have found a new mantra.

The previous one was Orange Man Bad.

The new one is:

we should all be lining up to suck this Clint Eastwood’s – minus the charisma minus the good looks minus the soul plus the corporate ties – big motherfucking dick.