A few days ago I deleted my Facebook profile.

The decision had been a long time in the making.

I was spending too much time in the blue hole.

At first I tried to limit my use, but often I would catch myself scrolling through Facebook without even remembering the conscious decision to go there.

Since the 26th of December I am on an offensive to cut out everything from my life that doesn’t serve me.

I have kicked my coffee habit, I almost don’t eat anything sweet anymore, I don’t drink alcohol except at a great party (and thanks to Covid those are all too rare) there is no fap and now Facebook is gone. Instagram has gone too, because that was also too time consuming. I have also finally stopped checking the latest news like a maniac.

This is just the beginning though. The list of toxic stuff in my life is long.

I find that discipline in one area spills over into other areas.

When I gain control over one thing in my life it’s easier to gain control over one other thing.

Am learning languages, listening to audiobooks, spending time with my son, clearing and decluttering my head, dedicating myself to offering more value, etc.

Am wondering what bad habit to kick next.

The benefits of no Facebook:

  • More time
  • Less frustration from seeing political posts
  • Better focus
  • I get more stuff done
  • I feel ‘cleaner’ and ‘fresher’ somehow