There are multiple functions to the female orgasm:

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  • it allows men and women to bond
  • it gives men a chance to give women a very powerful pleasure sensation
  • it has numerous health benefits
  • it also functions as a way to show his love for her
  • it releases tension and stress
  • if a woman orgasms with a lover she will likely want to keep having sex with him or be open to sex, something that our genes are aiming for
  • Also important is that the female orgasm can help to select who becomes the father of her children. Read this excerpt from ‘The female brain’:

“Many evolutionary psychologists have also come to view the female orgasm as a sophisticated adaptation that allows women to manipulate—even without their own awareness—which of their lovers will be allowed to fertilize her eggs. The quickened breath, moaning, racing heart, muscular contractions and spasms, and nearly hallucinatory states of pleasure that orgasm inspires may constitute a complex biological event with a functional design. Scientists believe orgasm may function as a “sperm competition,” through which women’s bodies and brains choose a winner.

The muscular contractions and uterine suction associated with women’s orgasm have long been known to pull the sperm through the cervical mucus barrier. In one published account of the strength of the orgasmic suction into the cervix, a doctor reported that a patient’s uterine and vaginal contractions during sex with a sailor had pulled off his condom. Upon inspection, the condom was found inside the tiny cervical canal. This means that the female orgasm can function to pull sperm closer to the egg. Scientists have discovered that when a woman climaxes any time between one minute before and forty-five minutes after her lover ejaculates, she retains significantly more sperm than if she does not have an orgasm. No orgasm means fewer sperm are sucked up into the cervix—the entry portal to the uterus, where the egg lies waiting. While a man worries about a woman’s satisfaction with him as a lover—out of fear that she will stray or not want to have sex with him again—orgasmic females may actually be up to something far more clever. With her orgasms, a woman is deciding which partner will sire her children.”

Excerpt From: Louann Brizendine, M.D. “The Female Brain.” Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony, 2007-08-07. iBooks.

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