Ok, to be fair, I do this with or without this corona situation.

It’s spookier to do it during this lockdown we have going on though.

Now am doing it because I have no other option. If I want to play this game I have to play it against myself. I used to do it, just because I wanted to.

It takes me about 12 hours to really finish Axis and Allies (the name of the game in the picture).

I have to control five different players. Although am always rooting for the underdog I try hard to make the best decisions with each player.

Near the last hour or so I can almost not focus anymore and am glad it can be resolved.

If I had a bigger house I would have a gaming room where I could leave the game and go back to it after resting. Now there is no spot where I can just leave it so I have to slug it out in one 12 hour long sitting.

All the time I am listening to an audiobook.

This time around I listened to a 25 hour long lectures series on the American Civil War by Gary Gallagher.