Warning: This is in no ways a scientific article. These are ten of the most clear changes I observe every time I’m about three week into No Fap. If your experiences are similar, there could be science behind it that back up these observations, but I’m not a scientist. If you do look for the science behind this on the web, be careful about what you read online. Some sites have their own agenda for promoting No Fap. I write about it here, because I notice some clear changes, which could however be purely individual. Here goes:

  1. I get out of bed much earlier and a lot easier.
  2. I have no trouble making eye contact with women on the street and actively seek it. I don’t do anything with this, but if I were single it would definitely be easier or even an imperative must to approach women I find attractive after several weeks of No Fap.
  3. My ambition remains the same in intensity, but I feel less doubtful about achieving something big.
  4. There’s definitely more action between me and my significant other and the quality of that action is better for both
  5. My anxiety levels are lower or when anxiety arises I have less trouble dismissing it
  6. My drive to have contact, especially with women, is a lot bigger
  7. I read more and faster…
  8. I have a bit more ideas
  9. I feel more determination, with a slightly aggressive twist
  10. I think a lot more about sex which can get very annoying if you have to focus on something else. If I manage to distract myself from this, I do get a lot of work done.

Live an authentic day!