Ok, so this time I cheated. If you’re not familiar with this ‘getting married oddysee’, I kindly refer you to chapter one and chapter two. I went back to the ‘alien police’ today, I didn’t fly in my UFO, because the weather was sort of nice and there’s a bus that takes me there. Plus, I ran out of green paint to pass off as an alien.

There were 20 people in front of me, at the very least. Their ticketing system was out of order. Again. I took a number, and then I made a dash for it. The first time their monitor showed a flash of life, I stormed into the section of the building where the clerks are and just pretended it was my turn.

Shortest possible summary:

-I have the wrong status in the police system I asked them to change it, otherwise we can’t get married

-To my surprise they tell me that I have the right to have a permanent foreign ID card (I don’t argue, because I really don’t get their logic)

-they tell me to get a ticket that costs 24,5 euro in an other building

-while I’m gone I notice this clerk just waits for me to come back and doesn’t help out other people in the queue. I’m starting to understand why it takes such an awful lot of time to get anything done there

-I come back with a small ticket that says I’ve paid 24,5 euro

-the clerk staples it to a form that I have to fill in

-he takes my picture

-The policeman tells me to come back with a picture on Tuesday, and that the card will be ready (I don’t ask why I still need to bring a picture if he has just taken my picture….)

-I leave. The same 20 people are still waiting and I head out after being there for something like 20 minutes. Did I really arrange what I needed to arrange? Who knows? Perhaps I’ll find out that the card they’ll give me on Tuesday is the wrong one, that it doesn’t allow me to get married, that the card won’t be ready on time, that they will confiscate my UFO (I mean, Alien Police… Come on…) or that they are sending me back to Mars or Alpha Centauri. No idea.

I’ve learned to be zen about red tape… You just go along with the flow, and somewhere, somehow, after lots of stamps, lots of payments and lots of waiting, and just a little bit of audacity at the right moment, it gets sorted out.

Live an authentic day!