Trump could have won in some states if Jo Jorgensen and her libertarian party had not been on the ballot. So some are criticizing her for spoiling the party for the Republicans.

This is anti-democratic thinking. The US needs more presidential candidates, not less.

The ‘richest’ nation in the world offered the choice between one old pathological liar and one other old pathological liar. Both do what the rich want, but one does it in a way that attracts less attention. So the rich and their media made sure that one won.

That’s part of it. That’s not Jo Jorgensen’s fault. It’s not even clear if the people who voted for her would have automatically voted for Trump.

Why does a country that probably offers more than ten brands of ketchup in every supermarket have a problem with more than two choices to fill the White House?

Blaming a loss on some small third party candidate is ludicrous.

Trump ran an ok campaign. He did pretty much what his base wanted. His only problem was that his base is simply not big enough.

He could have pulled out a secret weapon. He could have promised the people universal healthcare. He could have taken points from Bernie’s campaign. Trump would have won.

Doubling down on giving his base the rhetoric it craves was a gamble and it failed.

In 2016 the media machine voluntarily became his biggest promotor. In 2020 the media machine destroyed Bernie first and then attacked Trump non-stop. For different reasons. Bernie was too far too the left. Trump too unreliable and erratic and without manners.

The system needs a smooth-talking asshole to do its bidding. They got that in Obama and they have a watered down version of that in Joe Biden.

Only against Trump could Joe Biden ever have won the presidency. Only because Trump had made himself unpalatable with those who value superficial decorum more than actual policies could Biden have won.

At the very least Biden will be worse than Trump when it comes to war, while fixing nothing that led to Trump back home.

The future does not look bright.

Trump was terrible, but it’s an illusion to think that the nightmare is over with Biden. It’s just beginning.

Jo Jorgensen is not to be blamed for Trump’s loss. Jill Stein is not to be blamed for Hillary’s loss in 2016 and Nader is not to be blamed for Gore’s loss in 2000.

The onus is always on the candidate to convince the voter.

Encouraging a rhetoric that blames other parties for even running sounds like promoting a system where political opponents are simply banned.

A thriving democracy has many political parties with really different views, not two parties who only disagree on abortion and gun rights and try to outdo each other on how to best screw over working families.

There is a difference in style between the Democrats and the Republicans, but in the end they only serve the richest Americans.

Whichever party truly becomes a people’s party will win every election in a landslide, even though that party would immediately provoke the ire of the mainstream media.