They have something to look forward to in Yemen and many other places 🙂 How to tell yourself you are not a racist: applaud when a brown lady gets elected and look the other way when she locks up lots of brown people in her own country and is ok with bombing some in far, far away countries. She’s also quite fine with Saudi-Arabia starving a few million brown children. And her boss is responsible for killing lots of Iraqi children. Most of them 50 shades of brown. Some of them keep dying of cancer because the US used weapons with depleted uranium. But hey, she’s brown! And we can be reasonably certain she doesn’t have a penis. This must be a step in the right direction. The honest thing would be to admit: we don’t really care about all that. We heard a woman got elected and we are happy orange guy is gone. Don’t spoil it for us. And never ever read about her ties to Israel, the prison industrial complex (do not read The New Jim Crow or anything by Chris Hedges) or the military industrial complex. You won’t be bombed. Everything is ok. The orange ‘nightmare’ is over.