No worries. They’re all easy. Except for number two.

1. Check out the work of Gabor Mate. His interviews, his books, his lectures. A good place to start is the interview done by Tim Ferriss

2. Really learn some not so common language

I swear this will open a new and rich world to you that you could never have experienced if you hadn’t learned the language. Just make sure it’s a language you enjoy learning. It only works if you put in the work to reach level B2 and beyond.

3. Read books by Chris Hedges and listen to his lectures.

Really read and really listen.

4. Throw everything you simply know you’ll never use out of the house

Decluttering will pay you dividends.

5. Take an honest look at how you formed your opinions and for a few weeks question everything you believe is true

You can come back to the positions you hold, but just for a few weeks assume that all your opinions about humanity, society, history, etc are wrong. Also ask yourself which emotional reasons are tied to your opinions. There are ALWAYS emotions behind your opinions. This is what makes it so hard for people to change their opinion on anything. My opinions have a lot to do with how my father experienced the world. Over the years I have had to shake off some because he wasn’t always right – which was excruciating for me to acknowledge – and at other times he was eerily right about many things. But I have questioned it all. I think you should do the same.


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