1. Which Swedish muscial act made the most money?
  2. Which Spanish conquistador defeated the Aztecs?
  3. Which Spanish conquistador defeated the Incas?
  4. Name the red spice that flavors paella.
  5. What is the largest Ukrainian city on the coast of the Black Sea?
  6. Name two neighbouring countries of Bulgaria.
  7. What is the currency of Bulgaria?
  8. What is the oldest city in Slovakia?
  9. What is the oldest city in Europe?
  10. Name the most popular Romanian car brand.
  11. Vlad the impaler is better known as….
  12. Who is the most famous Dutch soccer player?
  13. Name a Finnish mobile phone company.
  14. Where does Santa Claus live?
  15. How do you call the most famous bridge in Prague?
  16. What is Portugal’s most famous soccer club?
  17. What does a panda eat?
  18. What sauce is made with basil, pine nuts, garlic, cheese, and olive oil?
  19. What was the only part of Achilles’s body that was vulnerable?
  20. In what country did the tango originate?
  21. What did the Manhattan Project create?
  22. What did Edward VIII do, in 1936, that no English king had ever done?
  23. What is the English translation of “nom de plume”?
  24. What type of alcohol, known as “the green fairy”, was once banned in most of Europe?
  25. What Q word is defined as “a place from which stone is extracted”?
  26. What are Impalas and Springboks?
  27. In what country did the Tamil Tigers wage a civil war?
  28. Which U.S. President had the shortest lifespan, just 46 years?
  29. What English city was originally built by the Romans as a spa in 60 A.D.?
  30. What island is the source of most icebergs in the North Atlantic ocean?
  31. What was the occupation of Anton Chekov, Arthur Miller, and David Mamet (be specific)?
  32. What did Julius Caesar introduce in 46 BC that was used for 1628 years until
    some small improvements were made under Pope Gregory?
  33. What is offical title of the heir to the British throne?
  34. What river is mentioned the most times in the Bible?
  35. Who collaborated with Matt Damon to write the script for “Good Will Hunting”?
  36. Who grew up in Smallville but moved to Metropolis?
  37. Who protested for peace by staying in bed for an entire week in a luxury hotel
    in Amsterdam in 1969?
  38. What does a bigamist have two of?
  39. What is the world’s longest railway line?
  40. What “barrier” was first broken by Chuck Yeager in 1947?
  41. If a Scottish person says someone is “bonnie” what are they?
  42. What two words did Dr. Frankenstein say when he brought his monster to life
    in the 1931 movie?
  43. Geographically, which French city is closest to England?
  44. What is produced when steel is struck against flint?
  45. What country’s most famous monument is possibly “Manneken Pis”, a tiny statue
    about 61 centimeters tall of a boy peeing into a fountain?
  46. What famous physicist had ALS disease?
  47. What was the name of Geppetto’s puppet who came to life?
  48. What is either a military rank or a type of punishment?
  49. What are LP records made out of?
  50. What stone provided the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs?