• On the first date wear a Viking helmet. Tell her that most Viking warriors probably didn’t wear any helmets. Certainly none with horns. She will be so impressed. She will also appreciate how you are willing to look silly
  • The social security system of Sweden is one of the best in the world so money will be a bit less of an issue. You have a chance of running into a woman that will appreciate your sense of humor more than your wallet
  • Learn a bit of Swedish. Again, the more financially secure a woman is the more she values non-monetized signs of intellect.
  • Your looks will be more of a factor because Swedish women can get by on their own. So they are less likely to take a guy for their money. So the looks of a guy will matter more.
  • Don’t mention IKEA or Volvo
  • You could mention the little known fact that Sweden has a thriving armaments industry. Be a little outraged over this. She will soon be swooning because you care so much. Again, fighting the good fight, activism, etc get you brownie points with women in a more advanced society. Not so in a society where men are still primarily seen as providers
  • So Swedish girls are great news for financially broke, but good-looking and funny guys.

This is a satirical post, but if you try the Viking helmet thing let us know how it worked out.

zuzi en ik

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