So it comes down to two old guys. Two old guys. Neither one all that knowledgeable about the world. Neither one very eloquent. Neither one even remotely interesting or inspiring to people who care about the collective well-being. Neither one showing the values our society likes to talk about. Apparently that’s all just talk. All those folks screaming about how we should respect women have no qualms about voting for one of these two guys. To name just one popular value these guys have habitually peed on.

The political process is now so far removed from what people actually need right now the whole thing feels like a giant distraction.

Why do we allow to hinge so much on whether one or the other old douchebag becomes president?

Didn’t we evolve past this?

Aren’t we living in the age of freedom?

What should it matter then who is in the White House?

Would the super rich and their allies and mercenaries even allow us to vote if it could change anything?

In the end it seems like people who don’t want anything to do with politics are right.

In any system all you can is to make the best of your life and keep the power hungry as far as possible from your door.

It’s scary though. The way things are going we could end up with a world that will make the world of Nazi Germany look amateurish.

zuzi en ik

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